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Stone Brewing enters German beer market by 2016

21.07.14 - Stone Brewing, which is ranked No. 10 in sales volume among U.S. craft breweries, plans to open a brewery in Berlin within the next two years. The move makes it the first American craft brewer to independently own and operate a brewery in Europe. The brewer plans to spend more than $25 million to renovate a historical gasworks plant in Berlin.

SABMiller sells approx. $1 billion share in South Africa's Tsogo Sun group

21.07.14 - SABMiller announed that its $1 billion stake in South Africa's top gaming and hotel group Tsogo Sun was recently sold. The brewer plans to reinvest the net earnings of this disposal in the core growth beverage businesses, including the African operations.

SABMiller wants to encourage development of returnable beer bottles

15.07.14 - SABMiller announced that the company wants to reduce its waste impact by encouraging ways that its beer bottles can be returned for reuse. This is part of a goal that by 2020 the company reduces its carbon footprint from packaging by 25 per cent.

Market Report

Crop Report #2: German 2014 Spring Barley

10.06.14 - Herewith the most recent summary of the current state of the German spring barley crop compiled by The Braugersten-Gemeinschaft e.V. The summary is based on a survey of regional German malting barley associations. The results are listed in tabular form in the attachment to this circular.

Crop Report #1: German 2014 Spring Barley

27.03.14 - Attached to this crop report is a spreadsheet with an early overview of German spring barley plantings. All data in the overview are based on a survey conducted by the Braugersten- Gemeinschaft e.V. (the Association of German Brewing Barley Growers) among malting barley organizations within the individual German states. The acreages listed represent the best currently available estimates. They are aggregated by experts, who are familiar with local surveys, as well as with the demand structure for seed grains.

Grainexx Market Report 50/2012

11.12.12 - Greece was moving away from the headlines a little bit, leaving the place for Italy! PM Monti and his government are about to resign and new elections shall take place. Help God they do not vote for Berlusconi again!! No more Bunga-Bunga..
With all that the German DAX was unchanged at around last week’s level, 7.500 points. The Euro, which was well above 1,30 last week, is weaker again presently trading at 1,2934.

Malting Barley 2010 And What's Next?

During the past weeks and days one could read in a number of publications by agricultural ministries and other associations representing our cultural economy, that although the output of malting barley crop in 2010 compared to the previous year was lower, the situation as a whole was hardly considered alarming. The malthouses represented in the Deutscher Mälzerbund, the association of German malsters, however, evaluate the present situation differently, because the actual figures are considered rather alarming.

BESTMALZ in-house

European Code Of Good Trading Practice

01.08.04 - COCERAL, the European association representing the trade in grain, oilseeds, feedstuffs, olive oil, oils and fats and agrosupply, supports the idea and concept of a safety scheme which covers all levels of the feed and food chain.

Did you know that

Spaniards were the first beer brewers

21.10.06 - According to an article in the daily newspaper Periodico of Wednesday 6 October 2004, the ancestors of today’s Spaniards were brewing beer as early as 5 000 years ago. They drank strong beer hundreds of years before wine became popular.

Beer drinkers earn more

01.10.06 - A Canadian study has found that those who regularly drink moderate quantities of alcohol earn approximately 10% more than those who never drink alcohol.

Beer was invented before bread

01.10.06 - Recent research has dated the invention of beer at 9000 BC.

Drinking beer is healthy

01.10.06 - Beer contains Silicium, which promotes bones growth and protects against Osteoporosis.

No, alcohol ain’t necessarily good for breast-feeding!

25.05.05 - Folk wisdom has it that a beer or two before giving suck helps lactation. But recent American research suggests that this just “ain’t necessarily so”. Women in fact produce less milk after a few beers, and they need more time to produce the more or less that they do. So, is beer counterproductive as regards milk?