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Project Description

BEST Caramel Hell

BEST Caramel Hell – known as BEST Caramel Light – reinforces the typical “caramely” malt aroma of the beer. It gives the beer a darker color and increases foam stability. In addition, it enhances the full-bodied creamy character of the beer.

After the germination is finished, the green malt is gently roasted using a special process. This creates the special caramel aroma. This malt is produced by our specifically developed germination and roasting technique.

The malt has a unique honey tasting flavor and impresses with an elegant touch of sweatness. It has excellent processing characteristics. This malt has rich and superior flavors.

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Thomas Schumacher
Thomas Schumacher Chief Technology Officer

EBC value


20.0-40.0 EBC

Certificates of quality

certified organic malt

We are certified in accordance to EU organic farming regulation.


We are certified in accordance to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008.


We are certified in accordance to QS.


All BEST malt types are kosher (in accordance to OK-certification).


All BEST malts are certified in accordance to the SGS monitoring program.


We are certified in accordance with the Energy Management Norm ISO 50001.