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Project Description

BEST Black Malt

BEST Black Malt (roasted malt) gives the beer greater depth of color and adds more intensive nuances of chocolate or coffee aromas. The malt flavor is also emphasized. The malt is produced from green or kiln-dried malt which is roasted using a smooth and gentle technology. While roasting can result in undesirable pyrazine tastes, our BESTMALZ roasting technology applies the heat in a state-of-the-art fashion. Evenly roasted malt kernels with optimal processing features are the outcomes of this advanced and technique fi ne tuned by our experienced malt masters.

Your contact at BESTMALZ

Thomas Schumacher
Thomas Schumacher Chief Technology Officer

EBC value


1.100-1.200 EBC

Certificates of quality

certified organic malt

We are certified in accordance to EU organic farming regulation.


We are certified in accordance to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008.


We are certified in accordance to QS.


All BEST malt types are kosher (in accordance to OK-certification).


All BEST malts are certified in accordance to the SGS monitoring program.


We are certified in accordance with the Energy Management Norm ISO 50001.